Win in long sales cycles with impressive mini-sites

Sales professionals use Loxo to quickly create private mini-sites that stand out to decision makers and empower customer champions, even when you are not in the room.

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" Loxo made me look like a rockstar in a $2.3M deal "

Zac Cooper
Enterprise AE at

Keep everything in one place

Build momentum in long deals by creating an online destination where the deal can move forward: demos, info-security docs, meeting recordings, implementation plans and more. Right at the fingertips of your key stakeholders and ready when they are.

Arm your customer champion

Create a path of least resistance for busy buyers and make them look like a rockstar to their internal stakeholders: IT, Legal, Exec sponsors, and others.

They’ll thank you for it.Overcome last-minute blockers, like info-security, implementation details, and CEO approvals

I have been trying to create something like this with existing tools for years. Hacking together docs, email templates, videos. Nothing comes close to what you’ve done with Loxo. It’s the first sales tool I really love, and helps me run a stand-out sales process.
Rik Williams
Enterprise AE at Termimus

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